Meet SIG Sauer’s latest compact pistol: the P365-XMacro, wherein macro means more. Thanks to the upgraded magazine, the iconic P365 now has more capacity, shootability, and concealability—a must-have all-in-one package for an everyday carry pistol you’ll ever need.

“Macro means more.”

The premier firearm manufacturer introduced its latest addition to its P365 series last week, including seven micro-compact entries and four larger-sized models.

SIG’s CMO and EVP for Commercial Sales Tom Taylor said that the P365-XMacro has an enhanced ammo capacity of up to 18 rounds while maintaining its iconic 1-inch slim profile. In addition, it’s equipped with an integrated compensator that reduces muzzle flip, allowing users to be swift on follow-up shots and maintain precision.

It has an overall length of 168mm, a width of 28mm, and a height of 132mm, and weighs approximately 610 g. This compact pistol has a 3.1in carbon steel barrel with the slide slightly protruding ahead of the muzzle, compensating for two broad cuts before the front sight dovetail. This gives the handler maximum control during rapid fire or hot loads.