Russia’s having a supply problem yet again. Even with the Iranian support on missiles, their troops are still exhausting ammo faster than they can resupply. To put a band-aid fix on the issue, Russians are now turning to their 40-year-old ammunition stock for help.

A senior US military official told Reuters that Russia’s ammo rounds are actually exhausted.

“They have drawn from (Russia’s) aging ammunition stockpile, which does indicate that they are willing to use that older ammunition, some of which was originally produced more than 40 years ago,” the official said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

Their troops now rely on degraded, weakly maintained rockets and shells that are more harmful to the soldiers than to the Ukrainians. Another reason why Russia’s at the end of the rope is because of the international sanctions they’ve been in since the invasion began. They’re currently relying on Iran and Belarus for support while hoping to rally more countries to their side.