Ukraine has stated that its military is still standing up to Russia in the fight for Soledar.

During an online broadcast, Andrei Bayevsky, a local figure appointed by Russia, declared that there are still some minor areas of opposition in Soledar.

“At the moment, there are still some small pockets of resistance in Soledar,” Andrei Bayevsky, a Russian-installed local politician, said in an online broadcast.

On Thursday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky acknowledged the efforts of two units in Soledar, which were able to cause significant losses to the pro-Russian forces. He also mentioned that he and other senior Ukrainian commanders assessed the need for reinforcements in Soledar and the neighboring towns in Donbas. On the other hand, the Russian-backed ultra-nationalist Wagner Group asserted that they had taken Soledar following a fierce battle that left a lot of Ukrainian casualties.