The fresh Russian Army attack is being prepared, as many of its initial draft’s problems have been solved.

Western nations have already declared that Russia has lost the battle against Ukraine. However, because the timing, expense, and extent of Ukraine’s triumph are unknown, the survival of the independent state of Ukraine is still in question.

However, according to many observers, the fact that Russian President Vladimir Putin mobilized military-age men to fight in Ukraine has destroyed Russia’s vaunted domestic political stability for good. Moreover, the sight of thousands of people fleeing the country to avoid being drafted was evidence that Putin had severely miscalculated and risked ruining the regime’s legitimacy at home.

Kremlin cared little about the draft law’s potential to decrease the number of troops at the front; instead, it was crucial to Moscow because it allowed it to mitigate shortages. Because of the presence of mobilized forces in Luhansk, Ukraine could not make significant advances in Lyman, Ukraine, in early October. However, thanks to reinforcements in Kherson, the Russian army could withdraw in an orderly fashion, preventing a repeat of the disastrous losses in Kharkiv. Near Bakhmut, Russian troops even made modest gains at the expense of newly mobilized soldiers and prisoners.