Happy first decade, SOFREP!

This month, we’re celebrating our anniversary. And here’s a look back at our very first stories on the site.

#10: How Prisoners Of War Taught Us a Lesson in “Flow”

POW Flag

My friend Sohaib Kureshi is a Neurosurgeon in San Diego and I’ve talked to him about visualization and its performance enhancements at length. I think (while I’m no brain surgeon) he would agree with me when I say that you can practice and get good at something without physically doing it. This helps if you have a certain degree of physical learning already complete ( e.g. you have some foundation to build off of—like you already know how to ski but you can practice getting better in your head).

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#9: Special Forces, Winning the Hearts and Minds

Fensom Mendoza Bolivia

Special Forces operate by building rapport with indigenous forces, creating long term relationships before conflicts even begin to take shape. High-tech gizmos provide the flash for movies and video games but in reality it is the human element that determines so much of what actually happens where the rubber meets the asphalt. To get a better idea of what the Special Forces mission is, and the long lasting effects that individual soldiers can have around the world, we present…

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#8: What Brought Down 160th SOAR’s Stealth Black Hawk?

Bin Laden gets face-shot