More than 600 episodes in, our SOFREP radio had humble beginnings. We were a ragtag team with a mission to empower the military and veteran community with conversations that matter to us.

So, as we celebrate our 10th anniversary, here are the top podcast episodes we published during our first years.

EP 63: Brandon Webb Guest-Hosts “The Wilkow Majority” Sirius XM Patriot 125

This episode is a “Best Of,” featuring recent clips of Derek G. with Jack Murphy, and Travis Lively talking with Brandon Webb.
We also have a few clips of Brandon guest-hosting The Wilkow Majority for Sirius XM Patriot, including interviews with Dave Fernandez and Mike Ritland. We’re not able to put up the Wilkow show guest-hosted by Brandon, but here’s a taste of it for those who didn’t get to hear it and some great moments from the show to enjoy again for those who have.

Listen to the episode here.

EPs 37 & 38: Ode to the Great Chris Kyle

In this episode, Webb, Drago, and Mike Ritland are in a round table discussion remembering the great Chris Kyle.
Later on, the show, catches the inside scoop on our most recent publication Benghazi, The Definitive Report. Strange things have happened since the book was released…stay tuned.

Listen to Part I and Part II here.

EP 9: How To Increase Survivability And Beat The Odds

We are joined by special guest and former Navy SEAL Eric to break down the Aurora Colorado shooting. Eric served with Brandon on SEAL Team 3 and also as an instructor for the SEAL Sniper Cell. Tune in to hear the lessons learned and find out what you can do to increase your odds of surviving just such an incident. This is a fantastic episode that you don’t want to miss.

Later in the program, Brandon makes some interesting predictions regarding Iran and its nuclear capabilities. How does a nuclear Iran affect the rest of the world? Tune in….