In a one-two punch for the US Space Force (USSF), two new leaders recently took command of its vital Deltas, signaling a renewed focus on both offensive and defensive capabilities in the evolving space domain.

Intelligence Gets a Warrior Queen: Hauser Takes Charge of DEL 7

On June 13th, Colonel Phoenix Hauser assumed leadership of Space Delta 7 (DEL 7) at Peterson Space Force Base. Lt. Gen. David N. Miller, Jr., head of Space Operations Command, praised Hauser’s experience, calling her “the perfect person to lead this team in an era of Great Power Competition.

DEL 7 plays a central role in the USSF’s intelligence gathering, acting as the eyes and ears for space operations.

Hauser emphasized the importance of this role, stating, “We are going to train to fight, and we are going to fight to win. I’m looking forward to breaking ground with you, together.” Her words highlight the growing focus on space as a potential warfighting domain.

USSF Colonel Phoenix Hauser
USSF Col. Hauser, center, officially took command of Space Delta 7 during a change of command ceremony at Peterson Space Force Base, Colorado, June 13, 2024. (Image source: DVIDS)

Communication Secured: Weisler Leads the Way for DEL 8

Colonel Hauser’s counterpart, Colonel Jeffrey Weisler, took command of Space Delta 8 (DEL 8) at Schriever Space Force Base on June 24th.

DEL 8 is the linchpin for the USSF’s military Satellite Communications (SATCOM) network. This network provides secure and reliable communication for all USSF operations, ensuring commanders can maintain control and troops stay connected.

Colonel Weisler pledged to build upon the successes of his predecessor, Colonel David Pheasant, who is credited with leading DEL 8 to become the focal point for protected military SATCOM.

“I hope to build upon and accelerate everything that has been accomplished under Pheasant’s leadership,” Weisler said. “We will work together to generate, present and sustain the US Space Force’s SATCOM combat readiness by integrating and delivering military SATCOM capabilities… we will develop resilient joint minded professionals in an organization of trust, loyalty and commitment.”