No matter how we see it, guns will always be the most dangerous equipment ever made, especially in the hands of individuals with mal-intent. And to continue serving and protecting the general population, law enforcement puts their lives at risk to buffer the unwarranted violence against these weapons. Thus, body armor is then required to defend them during gunfights.

According to the National Institute of Justice (NIJ), soft body armor alone has saved more than 3,000 police officers across the country over the past three decades.

The Spartan Armor Systems offer some of the best, high-quality body armor. If you’re looking to buy one for yourself, to gift to a beloved, or simply for a collection, make sure to understand the pros and cons of each kit to get the most out of the purchase.

What’s great about the Spartan Armor System products is that they are NIJ certified, meaning they follow and meet the requirements for torso-worn ballistic-resistant body armor accordingly.

The ballistic body armor manufacturer offers four levels of ballistic vests, including Levels IIIA, III, III+, and IV.

Spartan Armor Systems’ four levels of ballistic vests

(Source: Spartan Armor Systems)

“Flex Fused Core Soft Armor” Level IIIA

This soft, lightweight body offers a clandestine fit that can protect you from pistol-caliber situations, including a (.44) MAG SJHP and a (.357) SIG FMJ. Dubbed as the “Flex Fused Core Soft Armor,” it emphasizes comfort. It bolsters that you can be used stand-alone or paired with your other bulletproof vest or plate carrier available in Ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) hard armor and soft armor.

“Elaphros” Level III

Spartan’s “Elaphros” kit offers Level III threat protection, slightly more robust than Level IIIA. This hard-plated carrier, available in UHMWPE composite and Omega AR500 Steel Core, has proven to stop rifle situations such as a (.308) or a (.233). However, it is crucial to remember that without the hard armor insert, a Level III rating will not stop a 7.62mm bullet.


Spartan has upgraded its Level III protection with an additional ten percent boost in ballistic core hardness, particularly in its AR550 line of armor—-available variants include the Spectra Ceramic, AR650 Armaply Steel Core, and AR550 Steel Core. This body armor can shield you from armor-piercing types of rounds like the M855 (5.6mm), rated by the NIJ for up to six shots from 50 feet.