Have you ever found yourself caught up in daydreams of surviving a deserted island, crashing waves, and channeling your inner Bear Grylls or Les Stroud? Or maybe you’ve just got a penchant for those wild scenarios we see in movies and books

Imagine the scene: You’re marooned on an empty island, surrounded by nothing but an open ocean, with the echo of the waves as your only companion. Sounds a bit daunting, doesn’t it? 

But here’s a twist—what if you could tackle this challenge armed with military-style strategies and tactics?

Whether you’re a die-hard survival enthusiast, a weekend warrior, or just love the thrill of a good adventure, this piece is for you. We will delve into survival tactics inspired by the best: the military. It’s about strength, survival, strategy, and the will to keep going, no matter what.

Surviving a Deserted Island, Military Style

It’s one thing to be stuck in the woods. You may be dealing with unknown factors, but you’re still amidst civilization, and with the proper strategies, you can crawl your way through. 

Surviving a deserted island is an entirely different animal; you should treat it that way. One method to approach such a predicament is a tactical, military approach.

Reconnaissance Mission

In the military, knowing your environment is the first step in any operation. Do the same on your deserted island. Use any high ground to scout your surroundings and spot potential danger zones, safe shelter spots, available water sources, and possible food supplies.