China is Strategically Increasing Military Presence Around The World

The Chinese military is increasingly expanding its reach and capabilities worldwide. With significant advances in missile technology, naval forces, and intelligence, China has successfully positioned itself to become a formidable world power by mid-century, as President Xi Jinping promised. Moreover, while the United States military continues to struggle with an expensive and inefficient military-industrial complex, China has adopted a more utilitarian approach to arms purchases, resulting in cheaper and more effective weapons systems that may potentially rival the US of A.

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China’s Discreet Move to Conquer the Cambodian Naval Base

We’ve just written a stark warning last week for the US to keep a close eye on China’s movements since we foresee a more aggressive push of their military powers all over Asia. Apparently, they’re starting to move in.

Three weeks ago, US President Joe Biden spoke at the ASEAN Summit held in Cambodia to reinforce the administration’s close ties with ally countries as China’s intent on dominating the entire region becomes more and more apparent.

Military expansion by the Chinese government is nothing new, but their recent moves in the South China Sea and throughout Asia have caught the United States’ attention. In order to maintain its influence and counterbalance China’s aggression, the United States has been strengthening its ties with countries in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).

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China’s Alarming Increase Of Growing Nuclear Arsenal and How This Can Affect World Balance

Pentagon released a report warning the US and its allies about China’s rapid increase of nuclear warheads. According to their intelligence gathering, China has amassed 400 nuclear warheads in the span of two years.

This pace is lighting up all the red flags for Pentagon as China continues to confront Taiwan about its independence.