The Cuba Libre cocktail. Now there’s a drink that carries a taste of history in every sip

You might know it as a simple blend of rum, Coca-Cola, and a splash of lime, a refreshing combination that dances on your taste buds. But this popular concoction symbolizes freedom, celebrates rebellion, and is a tribute to a nation’s fight for independence. 


Behind those refreshing sips lies a story that goes back to the battlefields, political struggles, and cries for independence. It’s a story that ties in global icons and local heroes, crossing oceans and transcending borders.

The Cuba Libre cocktail is a taste of history, a celebration of a people, and a toast to freedom itself.

The Birth of the Cuba Libre

Let’s travel back to Havana, around 1900, right after the Spanish-American War. Picture this scene: a lively bar in the bustling streets of Havana, filled with the sounds of clinking glasses and joyful laughter.

“Cuba Libre” translates to “Free Cuba,” a cry that resonated across the battlefields during the Cuban War of Independence.

A Meeting of Minds

At one table, a group of U.S. soldiers, fresh from the battlefields, were celebrating alongside Cuban locals. The atmosphere was thick with camaraderie and hope, and a shared desire united the two cultures for freedom and change.

A Toast to Freedom

The soldiers decided to raise a toast to a free Cuba with a novel mix of local rum, Coca-Cola fresh from the States, and a slice of Caribbean lime. Intrigued by this new blend, the bartender watched the soldiers savoring the concoction.