After decades of anticipation and relentless pursuit, the Navy SEALs‘ long-awaited dream of a “dry” mini-submarine capability has finally become a reality. This transformative achievement marks a groundbreaking milestone in undersea warfare as the Navy attains the ability to transport SEALs in a completely pressurized cabin.

The arrival of this cutting-edge mini-submarine represents a game-changing advantage for the elite forces, empowering them to execute missions with unparalleled stealth, precision, and readiness.

Transforming Undersea Warfare

Lockheed’s Dry Combat Submersible (DCS) has reached a significant milestone, with the U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) declaring Initial Operational Capability last month. This achievement marks a transformative capability for USSOCOM forces in Maritime and Undersea Systems, revolutionizing undersea warfare for special operators.

The DCS provides a game-changing advantage, offering safe, clandestine delivery for occupants over long distances in a completely dry environment, and features a lock-in and lock-out chamber that enables operatives to arrive at their mission fully prepared and undetected.