An unexpected participant has emerged in the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine—the Mikoyan MiG-35 fighter.

This reported development has sparked interest and raised questions due to the fighter’s historical insignificance in operational service within Russia and its limited international adoption.

The MiG-35’s involvement signifies a strategic shift in Russia’s military operations and sheds light on its capabilities and potential market dynamics in the realm of defense technology.

Background of the MiG-35

The MiG-35, a product of continuous development and technological innovation, represents the pinnacle of the MiG series.

Introduced officially by Mikoyan in 2017, the aircraft integrates cutting-edge features of fifth-generation fighters and operates effectively with dense air defense systems in high-intensity conflict zones.

With its 4++ generation technology, the MiG-35 surpasses its predecessor, the MiG-29, in various aspects, boasting reduced radar signatures, active phased array antennas, and advanced engines, among other upgrades.

Usage of MiG-35 in the Ukraine Conflict

Surprisingly, Russia’s decision to employ the MiG-35 in the Ukraine conflict marks a departure from its reliance on other prominent aircraft like the Su-34, Su-35S, and Su-30SM.

The involvement of the MiG-35, claimed by Sergei Korotkov, General Designer of the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC), highlights its participation in ongoing operations.