The Ukrainian Armed Forces have published a video claiming that they had hit a Russian navy oceangoing tug named the “Vasily Bekh” with two Harpoon missiles in the Black Sea on Friday. If confirmed, this will be the first time the Ukrainians have hit a Russian vessel with Western-supplied Harpoon anti-ship missiles. SOFREP could not independently verify the claim or the video as of this time.

The footage would be recorded by a Turkish-build Bayraktar TB2 drone, as revealed by the interface. The Vasily Bekh would later be identified as the Vasily Bekh (SB-739), later seen in the video to be on fire. According to the Ukrainian Navy, the tugboat was transporting weapons, ammunition, and soldiers to the famous Zmiinyi Island, also known as the “Snake Island,” which has now been occupied by Russian forces. It was reportedly some 19 miles away from the island when it was hit.

The Snake Island gained popularity throughout the world as the Ukrainian border guards stationed on the island told a Russian warship, the Moskva, to “Go f*ck yourself” when it demanded that the Ukrainians surrender. This incident gained popularity as the audio clip was shared on social media. The border guards were later revealed to be alive after initially being thought to be dead and were subsequently freed in late March through a prisoner exchange.

Later on, the Moskva would be sunk by the Ukrainian forces using their Neptune anti-ship missiles, which the Russians claimed that a fire caused by ammunition blowing up was the cause of its destruction. This would deal a significant blow to Russian morale as the Moskva was the Russian Black Fleet’s flagship.

The Ukrainians would boast about their attack on the Vasily Bekh on social media and Telegram, where they initially published the footage of the hit.