Amid increasing evidence of Russian forces failing to secure and encircle Ukrainian forces in the Donbas region, Ukraine and Russia have announced that the peace negotiations have officially been suspended until further notice.

Ukrainian Presidential Adviser Mykhailo Podolyak stated that “the negotiation process is on hold,” as both parties failed to find common ground on several issues regarding the invasion. He blamed Moscow for being extremely negative toward the peace talks and that it was blind to its actions in Ukraine. It is important to note that Podolyak is also Ukraine’s lead negotiator in the peace talks with Russia.

“The strategic objective of the Russians is: all or nothing,” expressing that Russia was not willing to compromise on any of its demands. Podolyak also explained that Russia is not aware (or is at least pretending to be not aware) of its losses in Ukraine and that the war was not “taking place according to its rules, its timetable, or its plans.”

However, the Ukrainian Presidential Adviser did not put the possibility of negotiations resuming down the drain as he said that any war would still end at the “negotiating table.”

“But any war will still end at the negotiating table, and it seems to me that this process will be moderated by Mr. Zelensky,” he said.