As Ukrainian troops prepared for their upcoming summer counteroffensive against the advancing Russian Army, the Brits sent some of its bomb experts to teach Ukrainians to craft their own can-sized explosives capable of penetrating buildings.

In early May, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky announced that the country is gearing up to reclaim its Russian-held territories. Consequently, Mr. Zelensky requested more weapons from the West to support the campaign, which he said would be their biggest yet since World War II.

Secret Weapon

This specifically handmade bomb, dubbed “secret weapon,” is capable of taking down critical infrastructures illegally occupied by Russian forces in the hot zone region of Ukraine.

In an interview with CNN, a Ukrainian soldier said they would use the can-sized explosives on high-priority targets. With the guidance of British bomb experts, Ukrainian troops will be able to produce the devices by hand directly on the battlefield and can even equip them as munition for drones.

Moreover, British experts have reportedly supplied the relevant components to craft the device, including its switches, microchips, and 3D printers. CNN added that Ukrainian troops previously used similar handmade explosives to take down several buildings in Bakhmut where Russian forces were holding out.

In situations such as these, Ukraine often finds it faster to obtain crucial supplies by leveraging the expertise of professionals entering the country rather than relying solely on its NATO trading partners.

The news that experts from Western allies are actively involved in Ukraine does not come as a shock, as leaked top-secret files in April unveiled this, where the United Kingdom is leading at the forefront, operating its special forces in Ukraine. Following suit, Latvia, France, the United States, and the Netherlands have also contributed their expertise to amplify the combat and defense capabilities of battle-scarred Kyiv.