Having taken out multiple high-ranking commanders, generals, and prototype tanks, the Ukrainian Armed Forces have now handed the Russians its first combat loss of the Sukhoi Su-35 “Flanker-E” multirole fighter jet open-source data collectors reveal online.

Reports of the Su-35 loss first appeared online on April 3rd. Various journalists, military analysts, and the Ukrainian Armed Forces themselves released images and footage of the burning fighter jet in a field.

According to initial reports, the Su-35 was shot down by either an unknown surface-to-air missile system (SAM) or another Ukrainian fighter jet near the city of Izyum. Izyum is about 75 miles from Kharkiv, another region that had been the subject of intensified bombings throughout the month-old war. Other reports claim that the Soviet-era S-125 air defense system operated by the Ukrainian Armed Forces downed the Su-35. However, this could not be independently verified. Details of how the aircraft was shot down are unclear as of writing. Reports have also surfaced that the pilot of the aircraft had ejected and survived.

Known Ukrainian journalist Yuri Butusov also personally went to the crash site and documented his findings through a Facebook post. He visited the site with 95th Brigade soldier Yuri Kochevenko.

The Ukrainian Military Center, a non-governmental organization, specializing in military and defense-related issues in Ukraine, reported that the 81st Airmobile Brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces had captured the pilot. They said that the name of the pilot is Sergei Yermalov, who holds the rank of Major in the Russian Air Force and is part of the 159th Guards Fighter Aviation Regiment based at Besovets airfield, Republic of Karelia.