Military training involves several disciplines to sharpen a soldier’s existing skillset. It’s one thing to be adept with firearms, but as mentioned in a previous piece, proficiency in unarmed combat is likewise essential

As a service member, you have to be as lethal with your limbs as you would with a gun, and that goes without saying. That then begs the question: what is the most effective discipline for military training? Out of the many martial arts in existence, there has to be one that stands out, correct?

This article aims to answer these questions. And we’ll do so by looking at four martial arts disciplines utilized in military training. 

Four Martial Arts Disciplines For Military Training

We’ve developed a short list of disciplines that translate well into military training. These martial arts involve the requisite techniques we mentioned in our previous article. 

MMA: The Ultimate Unarmed Combat Art 

No holds barred first came into existence as the answer to numerous playground debates about who would win in a fight between a boxer and a kung fu fighter. It was a spectacle, a once vilified bloodsport that eventually evolved into what we now know as mixed martial arts. 

MMA is as effective as a military training discipline and an elite form of prizefighting. You have the striking arts that involve all eight limbs, along with wrestling and grappling styles for when the tussle gets into closer range.