Save for the trust-fund kids, a good chunk of people endured some form of financial struggle at least once in their adult lives. It could be because of a miscalculated budget or the classic case of overspending. Money hacks are non-existent in their lives. 

Props to you if you’ve gotten yourself out of a financial hole. That’s one less major worry off your shoulders. But if you’re still there, fret not. It’s probably time to introduce some money hacks into your life. 

Like our last piece about managing your anger, these are commonsensical hacks taught to us at one point, yet we likely chose to brush them off for some reason. So let this be another much-needed reminder. 

Financial Illiteracy: When ‘I Don’t Know’ Hurts Your Wallet

How did you get here in the first place? What went wrong? How did you find yourself in such a financial bind that it’s caused you so much stress? 

Here are some likely reasons:

  • Living beyond your means – Here’s the thing: spending more than you earn is a one-way ticket to Financial Instabilityville. New cars, designer clothes, gourmet meals… sure, they’re lovely. But if they’re breaking your budget, they’re not your friends.
  • High levels of debt – Now, not all debt is bad. But high-interest debt? That’s like a lead weight tied to your wallet. Credit card debt, payday loans, you get the drift. They keep you in a cycle of debt that’s hard to break free from.
  • Not having a budget – It’s like driving without a map. Without a budget, it’s easy to lose track of where your money’s going. And before you know it, you’re scratching your head, wondering where all your hard-earned cash disappeared.
  • Lack of an emergency fund – Life loves curveballs, which usually come with a price tag. That’s where an emergency fund comes in. Without one, you’re just one unexpected expense away from financial instability.
  • Not saving for the future – Retirement might seem like a lifetime away, but it creeps up fast. And if you’re not putting away money for it, you could find yourself in a pickle.
  • Ignoring the importance of financial literacy – It’s not just about making money. It’s about knowing what to do with it. Understanding basic financial concepts can lead to better decision-making, financial stability, and freedom.
  • Unstable income – Freelancers, gig workers, we’re looking at you. Inconsistent income can make budgeting and saving a real challenge. You might be rolling in dough one month and scraping by the next. It’s a tough gig.
  • Failing to invest – Money in a low-interest savings account will do little for you. It’s like a lazy employee. You’ve got to put your money to work. If you’re investing, you’re taking advantage of potential growth.

Hardwire These Indispensable Money Hacks Into Your System

You’re about to read either proven money hacks or slapping reminders, depending on your perspective. Either way, they should help in some way in the long run.