The United States Army is set to launch a groundbreaking program aimed at developing an advanced high-altitude intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) platform.

Brig. Gen. Ed Barker, program executive officer for intelligence, electronic warfare, and sensors, recently disclosed plans for this innovative initiative during a briefing with reporters.

Scheduled for official commencement in 2025, this visionary project intends to harness cutting-edge sensor technology to create a sophisticated platform capable of extensive area coverage.

Gen. Barker highlighted that this platform would significantly enhance the military’s response time in addressing potential threats.

US Army’s Spy Balloon Program

Speaking to Defense News, Gen. Barker elaborated on the multifaceted approach of the program, stating:

“We’re looking at these kinds of novel platforms when it comes to what capabilities can we acquire either from a high-altitude balloon, solar and fixed-wing aircraft.”

One of the initiative’s pivotal focal points is ensuring the surveillance platform’s affordability, size, weight, and power.

The Army official also emphasized that these aspects would be meticulously monitored throughout the program’s development phase.