“Life has its challenges. As a Veteran, you don’t have to solve them alone.” —VA.

The Department of Veteran Affairs collaborated with the Ad Council to launch a “Don’t Wait. Reach Out” National Campaign last year that encourages struggling Veterans to proactively seek help for their life challenges before they reach a crisis point.

This year, as the world observes Suicide Prevention Month, the VA has once again highlighted its ongoing campaign of spreading hope among Veterans “across a wide range of life challenges before these problems become overwhelming.”

“We are grateful to the many organizations across the country that are doing the important on-the-ground work to reach and support Veterans in their local communities,” said Dr. Matt Miller, Executive Director, VA Suicide Prevention. “Our message to Veterans, and those who support them, is Don’t Wait, Reach Out. Asking for help isn’t always easy, but Veterans are trained to do hard things.”