China is adding another powerful weapon to their collection as they showcase how powerful their newly launched FH-901 suicide drone is during their live-firing event.

The video published on a State-owned China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation in Beijing showed live-fire shooting exercises by armed “reconnaissance drones like the CH-4 and the CH-5,” according to reports. The rare footage showcases the FH-901 and the CH-10 tilt-rotor drone in action.

The video starts off with two soldiers positioning their FH-901, and as it locks on the tank target, the drone is seen completely obliterating the tank. Observers have compared the FH-901’s prowess to the US-developed Switchblade suicide drone, which had red been used in successful campaigns in Ukraine during their counteroffensive with Russian forces. The FH-901 took off at the weight of 19.84 lbs. and carries an additional 7.7 lbs. warhead.

The said suicide drone has a lighter version, the FH-901A. It weighs only 7.7 lbs and carries a 1.1 lbs warhead. It is equipped with an EO-IR reconnaissance payload as its targeting system and has a data link operating over a distance of 9.3 miles. The battery can sustain a mission for over 60 missions, with a loitering altitude of 100-150 meters above the ground. It also uses electro-optical guidance to score hits 0.00124274 miles away.