Russia has reportedly lost multiple Su-25s during its confrontation with the Ukrainians, but that did not stop Russians from showcasing the prowess of their air force as they released a video two days ago of their Su-25 conducting a smooth landing after supposedly completing a mission in Ukraine.

“Flying over the crowns of trees: the crew of the Su-25 inflicted missile air strikes on the armored vehicles of the Armed Forces of Ukraine,” the ministry official said in a Telegram post. They also added that this landing is actually impressive, considering how challenging it is to maintain a low altitude at great speed. The video showed Su-25 crews launching missile strikes against “AFU armoured vehicles.”

“Grach pilots once again demonstrated their coherence and professionalism: it is very difficult to maintain low altitude at high speed. Keeping fire under this kind of conditions is even more difficult.”

“After using air defence means, the crews manoeuvred by releasing decoy flares and returned to their airfield of departure.”

Watch the video below:

In another video, Russians showed another miraculous save as this particular Su-25 had a failed landing gear. This typically requires the pilot to land safely by skidding “the attack jet’s belly over the runway.”

Watch the video below: