We’re not saying Ukraine is taking advantage of all the donations headed their way and making the war a financial hub for the nation’s increased GDP, but for months, the country has shown they have the capacity (and most importantly, the willpower) to push through the war 24/7.

Undoubtedly, help from military advisers from the US and NATO has helped them strategize around logistics and deployment. A couple of months ago, SOFREP also reported about the “Secret Military ‘FedEx'” that specializes in moving weapons and artillery from other nations to strategic locations to support Ukrainian ground forces. Even our very own Defense Secretary Lloyd J. Austin III disclosed that Ukraine had prepared a good foundation for offensive strategies while optimizing the logistics around the ammunition they receive on a day-to-day basis. However, since our report in July, Ukraine has evolved “out of necessity” to become a 24/7, well-oiled war machine.

Yuriy Gusev, the head of Ukraine’s state-run weapons manufacturer Ukroboronprom, spoke with Foreign Policy and said that they are working tirelessly to keep up with the ammunition demand from the frontlines. To date, there is more than $15 billion worth of weapons from the US alone, to add to NATO-grade weaponry sent by other nations. Gusev said Ukraine is looking to build more facilities to service these weapons and become part of the Western military supply chain.

“From Feb. 24, we’re working 24/7. We have replaced some of our enterprises because of security issues and missile attacks. We’re working with partners to create maintenance and repair facilities for Western weapons and equipment here in Ukraine.”