The Pentagon, also known as the building that houses the United States Department of Defense, is a symbol of American military power across the world situated in Arlington, Virginia. Guarded 24/7 by the Pentagon Force Protection Agency along with elite military personnel that safeguards America’s military operations, you’d be sure no unauthorized personnel would get within its parameters.

Not until a chicken came along.

Officers of the Animal Welfare League of Arlington received a call around 7:00 AM on Monday from the Pentagon. The animal organization, who was quite surprised to receive a call from the government, picked up the phone and to their surprise, a chicken was found within the Pentagon premises! An intruder worth making fried chicken out of had amazingly made it inside one of the world’s most secure buildings.

Yup, no need for security clearances, firearms, or special weapons. All you needed were wings and a wobbly set of feet to get you right through the fence. The security personnel of the Pentagon wasn’t able to catch the chicken, so they employed the help of the Animal Welfare League of Arlington to catch the intruder. Luckily, Sergeant Cliff Ballena headed to the Pentagon and helped the security forces apprehend the chicken, who was hiding under a truck.

A bad motherclucker. This chicken actually made the Pentagon call for backup. That’s how bad this chicken was, evading the hot cooking oil of some restaurant it was supposed to go to, perhaps. I guess she just ran “afowl” after she heard the grizzly sound of the fryers of a famed Colonel in the fast-food industry.

“We were able to corner it with another police officer who is part of the security point,” Ballena reported. He also said that it was one of the oddest places he had ever been called to just to catch a chicken. It reportedly flew into the officer’s hands before they caught it with a net.

Alas, our brave motherclucker had its match—Sergeant Cliff Ballena, a handful of Pentagon security, and a net.

When The Washington Post asked the Animal Welfare League of Arlington where they caught the chicken, they replied, “for actual security reasons, we are not allowed to disclose the exact location.” This means the chicken actually got into somewhere we normal citizens wouldn’t have gotten into. Under interrogation, it was discovered that fears that the red chicken was a communist agent were unfounded. It admitted that it was a Lohmann Brown bred from trusted and reliably loyal Rhode Island Red stock and not a Russian or Chinese fowl trained to memorize secret information.

Later, the animal organization tweeted a photo asking its followers to help them name the bad motherclucker. Some users suggested some rather creative names like “Chick Cheney,” “Joe BidHEN,” “Ethel Rosenbird,” “General Tso,” and our personal favorite, “Vladimir Puchiken.”

They finally settled with a name. The chicken is now known as “Henny Penny,” deriving from the fact that it was a hen and was found in the Pentagon. Henny Penny got so much attention that Jimmy Fallon made a song about her.

Somebody make sure this chicken isn’t a spy or a trojan horse, planning a “coop” d’etat from within! (Pun intended). You can also order an official Pentagon Chicken shirt now. Yup, the chicken is more famous than we’ll all get to be.

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