Amid morale problems within the Russian forces, another so-called elite paratrooper unit has refused to fight Putin’s war and reportedly staged a mutiny against its own leaders.

This story was broken by an independent Russian newspaper, Pskovskaya Gubernia. They reported that the elite paratrooper unit was from an airbase in Pskov, Northern Russia. According to the report, some 60 unit members were fired and threatened with charges relating to “desertion” or “failure to comply with an order.”

“After the first days of the war, they were first brought to the Republic of Belarus, and then they returned to their base in Pskov,” they reported.

Apparently not wanting to fight, they just allegedly returned to Pskov without prior notice. This prompted jeers from their nationalist comrades who called them “cowards” for not wanting to fight the Ukrainians.

Despite these threats, the paratrooper unit and their families stood their ground. The unit’s commanders did not accept any punishment for their decision not to fight. Specifically, they rejected their dismissals in defiance of Moscow.

“Our sources tell that commanders now won’t accept any resignation reports,” the newspaper said. “Many servicemen send them to the military prosecutor’s office instead.”

Russian activist Nikolay Kuzmin said that he was able to speak to a driver who transported the soldiers back to Pskov. He verified the reports to be true. Kuzmin reportedly works with the Yabloko party, an opposition party against Putin.

“I believe that military personnel should protect their homeland primarily from attack and not participate in the imperial resentment of a narrow group of people (or maybe even one person) outside the borders of their own country,” he said through Telegram.