Many of you readers likely went through a similar situation in the past. You’re getting it on with your partner, and you go on a brief intermission to take out a bottle of one of your favorite sexual lubricants. What you get in return is a look of insult on your lover’s face. 

They storm out of the room, and you’re left alone in bed, baffled by what happened. What you thought would be a night of heated passion instead turned into a 3 AM quarrel. And with how things are, you’re likely not fixing this situation sooner than you hope. 

Many people hold misconceptions about lube use. It usually connotes sexual dissatisfaction or a suggestion of incapability to get turned on naturally. But ask any sex expert, and they’d tell you this isn’t the case. 

This article aims to break all of those misapprehensions, partly thanks to the guidance of some specialists in the field. Our goal is to provide another point of view, hopefully giving you a better understanding of the matter. 

The Common Misconceptions About Sexual Lubricants

You may think you know enough about sexual lubricants and their purposes. But as you keep reading, you will probably open a few mental doors, some of which could even be potentially life-changing.

Misconception #1: Using Sexual Lubricants Mean There’s Something Wrong

That insulted look on your partner’s face likely came from the impression that you thought something was amiss. For men, they think they’re not putting enough effort into turning you on. Conversely, women may feel like their partners aren’t satisfied enough with how lubricated they are.