Joining its fellow North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) brothers to bolster its defense capabilities, Denmark has ramped up its budget spending by threefold over the next ten years. Copenhagen announced the motion as the 16-month mark of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine approaches.

Furthermore, the move aligns according to the latest NATO spending goal, in which some of the members of the intergovernmental organization agreed to increase its military funds by about two percent of gross domestic product (GDP) before the current decade ends.

Acting Defense Minister Troels Lund Poulsen expressed Denmark’s commitment to “significantly strengthen” its defense and security capabilities in a statement. To do this, the Danish government will allocate roughly 143 billion kroner ($20.5 billion) over the next ten years—2030.

In 2024, projections indicate that Denmark will invest approximately 6.9 billion kroner ($992 million) in various aspects of its defense sector. This investment encompasses acquiring and modernizing equipment, personnel, and infrastructure. Consequently, throughout the years, the Danish government anticipates that the funding for these areas will reach 19.2 billion kroner ($2.76 billion) by 2033, marking a substantial increase to the country’s long-term strategic plan to enhance its defense infrastructure, support its armed forces, and ensure the country’s security and preparedness for potential challenges and threats, especially with the growing unrest occurring across Europe.