Iran has recently revealed a homegrown drone equipped with an also made-in-Iran air-to-air missile, demonstrating its growing expertise in developing advanced military technology and its steadfast commitment to enhancing its defense capabilities and, unfortunately, asserting itself in the region.

The new drone, known as the Karrar, is now armed with the AD-08 air-to-air missile, marking a significant milestone in Tehran’s pursuit of self-sufficiency in the field of defense technology.

The AD-08 Missile: A Heat-Seeking Air-to-Air Wonder

The AD-08 missile, fitted on a Karrar drone, is a modified version of the Majid surface-to-air missile, adapted explicitly for air-to-air engagements.

Iranian developers reportedly dedicated a remarkable one-and-a-half years to research, testing, and tweaking the missile to make it airworthy.