This month, members of the Free Russia Legion are receiving training in the Kyiv region of Ukraine to be sent to the front lines. 

The Free Russia Legion, composed of combatants opposed to the incursion initiated by Vladimir Putin, has taken arms against their own nation and participated in some of the most intense combat in the conflict.

For numerous motives, they have decided to take up arms against Russia, taking concrete actions against Putin’s war. This also drives their determination to protect Ukraine, which is now their new home. They also voiced deep-seated opposition to Russia’s president, Vladimir V. Putin. 

Moreover, these individuals have demonstrated their dependability to the Ukrainian commanders to the point of being allowed to join the troops in the intense battle with the Russian military.

“We haven’t come here to prove anything,” said one soldier with the call sign Zaza, barely 20 years old. “We’ve come here to help Ukraine achieve the full withdrawal of Russian forces from Ukrainian territory and the future de-Putinization of Russia.”