In the shadowy world where the lines between allies and adversaries blur, the Mazzeh military airport, tucked away to the west of Damascus, recently found itself in the crosshairs of an unseen aggressor.

Through the lens of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), a watchdog perched on the outskirts of the conflict, this assault was painted as a missile strike, a blunt reminder of the perpetual chess game played over the Syrian skies.

Unseen Aggressors and Shadowy Motives

The actors in this theatre of war remain as elusive as the motives driving them.

With Hezbollah and various pro-Iran factions laying roots in the vicinity, the plot thickens, weaving a tapestry of intrigue and speculation.

Yet, amidst the cacophony of blasts that tore through the night, the true instigator remained shrouded in mystery, a ghost in the grand geopolitical spectacle.