It’s a disaster for Russia’s Airborne Forces as they lose their commander of the 104th Air Assault Regiment’s 2nd Battalion, Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Dosyagaev. Dosyagaev joins his comrades in the list of high-ranking Russian military officials killed in Ukraine in just a span of 4 months of fighting.

Ukraine’s Strategic Communications published last May 28th that Dosyagaev was killed at an undisclosed location, revealing that he was part of the Winged Infantry of Russia. While we cannot verify the death of the lieutenant colonel, a VKontakte profile that provides updates on the Russian Airborne Forces had posted on May 27th a profile of Dosyagaev.

Apparently, he was very young, having been born in 1989, entering the Ryazan Higher Airborne Twice Red Banner Command in 2011. After finishing his schooling, he immediately joined the 104th Guards Airborne Assault Red Banner Regiment of the 76th Guards Airborne Assault Chernihiv Red Banner Division.

While it does not explicitly state that the lieutenant colonel had died, the comments section of the post was full of Russians sending the commander off as if he had already died. More so, it was also filled with discussions about whether the commander had really died or not.

“Sleep well, combat [comrade],” a certain Arytom Panov said. “You will always remain in my memory as one of the best officers of the Airborne Forces. It is a pity to lose such servicemen. It takes pride that I served side by side with you.🙏🙏🙏,” he continued, indicating that he had served with Dosyagaev.

Furthermore, a certain Katya Lyubimova claimed that “he died” and accused the admin of “not explaining what happened.”

“Tragically, he died. Remark to admins, this is not the first time you post a photo and do not explain – something happened to a person or just want to talk about his biography,” she said.

The page replied, “Katya, we do not have official information from the Ministry of Defense, so this post is to be known and remembered by major Dosyagaev’s guards.”