Following the Russian forces’ retreat from Northern Ukraine to resupply and plan their attack on its so-called liberation of the Donbas region, they have been said to have lost an enormous number of troops. This has led them to recall retired Russian veterans and troops from the unrecognized region of Transnistria in Moldova.  This is in addition to reports that Russia is also drawing fighters from places like Syria.

On April 10, the British Ministry of Defense claimed that Moscow was doing this “in response to mounting losses” and that it was part of “efforts to generate more fighting power.”

Furthermore, the veterans were said to have been discharged from service as far back as 2012. While some relatively younger veterans may be fully capable of fighting their military experience is ten years old.  It is an indicator that Russia is trying to get away from using raw conscripts and fill its depleted ranks with people that have some prior military experience.